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A Romantic Bellingham Wedding at Tazer Valley Farms: Bonnie and Joshua

I met Bonnie many years ago at a birth. Bonnie, a doula, was helping our friends Amy and Andy with the birth of their third child James.

Little did we know that we’d reconnect years after for hers and Joshua’s wedding.

Romance is what most weddings are about but none more so than Bonnie and Joshua’s at Tazer Valley Farms in Bellingham, WA. These two have a natural chemistry that’s sweet yet infectious, making my job of photographing them so fun and easy it’s almost not fair that I’m getting paid.

Thanks so much for sharing your day with me, Bonnie. You and Joshua inspire us with the way you are with each other; the love, respect and obvious KINDNESS you show each other. You guys are beautiful inside and out, and I cannot wait to document the next stage of your life!


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