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A Father’s Day Tribute

Since Father’s Day is coming and everything, I thought I’d make a short post.

For dads who love their baby mommies, and their babies, even before you were born.

And dads who love being baby daddies the minute you arrived.


Dads who don’t mind the poopy diapers, not even a little bit.

Help you get dressed.seattle-wedding-photographer-2013-weddings-year-in-review172

…who will smooch and squeeze their squishy babies whenever.

And be squished right back.

Whose super hero powers include giggle-making.

…and everything-knowing.

…and boo-boo-better-making.

…and danger-avoiding.

And best of all, just tender-lovey-caring-daddying.

Even if they get kicked in the face.

Or forced to endure a barrage of wet kissies.

And mandatory shoulder-riding and hugging.

…compulsory blanket-laying and baby-cracker-eating.

Pretend-Husky football-player-playing.

And even precarious bubble-catching.

Dads these days will do anything for their babies to make them happy.

And show you how much they care, everyday and everywhere.

They’ll always be there.

Old, young and even someone from far, far away.

…who’ve waited to love you for a long, long time.

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…to be your forever dad.

No matter how old you become.

He’ll be there to fix you.

Be shocked to see you suddenly all grown up.

seattle-wedding-photographer-2013-weddings-year-in-review074Seattle Wedding Photographer Father's Day Tribute

See you off wherever you may go.

..even though he doesn’t really want to.

…because you will always be his baby girl.

Ever willing to welcome your love as family with open arms.

And never stop with his dad jokes.


And if you’re REALLY lucky, you can even get TWO of them.

Because sometimes, they go away way too soon.

Way, way too soon.

We love you, dads of the world!

Happy Father’s Day!

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