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Taryn and Jake’s Engagement Portraits at Molly Moon’s, Wallingford

When I first met Taryn and Jake, I thought they were the sweetest. You know when you watch romance movie and sigh, remembering young love? I did that, in my head, more than a few times.

Add to being really cute, they had a natural chemistry that I could not wait to capture. When they booked, I was so happy I showed my husband a picture of them on my Facebook (we made it official).

For their engagement portraits, Taryn and Jake wanted to go back to the “scene of the crime” – the place where they had their first date, Molly Moon’s, and where Jake proposed!

Engagement Portraits at Molly Moon's Wallingford

“Forecast calls for sprinkles” I LOVE IT.

Engagement Portraits at Molly Moon's Wallingford

How did you guys meet? We met working at Nordstrom. We argue over who asked who out haha. Taryn insists that she asked me out after waiting for me to do it. I maintain that I planted inception by asking her if she ever had Molly Moon’s before (My idea to go there, but she insists that she actually did the asking lol).

Engagement Portraits at Molly Moon's Wallingford
Engagement Portraits at Molly Moon's Wallingforduniversity-of-washington-engagement-portraits-taryn-and-jake2638university-of-washington-engagement-portraits-taryn-and-jake2642Engagement Portraits at Molly Moon's Wallingford

How did he propose?
Jake: I bought the ring in December of 2014 with the idea that I would ask her to marry me over the holidays (either Christmas, her birthday on the 29th, or new years). The timing wasn’t right because a week after I bought the ring our friends got engaged and I didn’t want to share an engagement lol. So I waited. Then I was going to do it on a family trip to Hawaii that spring of 2015, I brought the ring and everything, but it didn’t feel right then either.

So I finally did it in October of 2015 by sending her on a Harry Potter themed treasure hunt (we are potter heads) that I created where she had to find a series of clues written in green ink on parchment in wax-sealed envelopes. The first clue was her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. The final clue was hidden with her best friend and maid of honor, Nicole (the one who accompanied us on our engagement shoot) and lead them to Molly Moon’s! I was waiting at Molly Moon’s for like 3 hours waiting for her to solve the clues/riddles! That was a combination of them being a little tough to solve and her getting a sense that something was up and she went home to put on something nice before following the final clue to Molly Moon’s. LOL. When she got there I asked her to choose a flavor out of their freezer case and one of the “pints” was labeled with the flavor “Marry Me?”. She took it out of the case and I got down on one knee as she took the ring box out of the empty pint container. She didn’t answer right away because she was crying a little and I was so nervous!! I knew she would say yes but I was still so scared! She said yes and the other people in the ice cream shop applauded and we got free ice cream!

university-of-washington-engagement-portraits-taryn-and-jake2644 University of Washington engagement portraits

Taryn and Jake with their Pomeranian, Bear.

University of Washington engagement portraits

What’s your wedding going to be like?
We have always had common interest over our love for animation like Studio Ghibli and particularly Disney/Pixar. Our wedding is going to be old hollywood glamour meets Disney fairy tale. Colors are blush, white, and gold. We are going subtle with the Disney by having some music for the ceremony arranged with Disney themes/undertones in mind and having “Be our guest as we begin our happily ever after” on our invitations.

What is the one thing you don’t want to change in your relationship after the wedding?
Jake: I don’t have just one thing I don’t want to change and I don’t see us getting married as a big transformation event for us. I see marriage for us as a ceremony of recognition of something that is already great. I think to get married, one should already be engaged in the type of relationship that marriages are made of rather than waiting for marriage to act married.

That being said, if I had to pick one thing, I would pick how much we laugh together. I think as relationships and marriages get older, it becomes easy to take the other person for granted and to let the serious nature of adult life “creep-in” on the joy of a relationship. I think we need to continue to pursue one another and strike a balance between the comfort of our familiar intimacy and the excitement of taking on new challenges together. We both watched our parents’ marriages fizzle or break due to communication issues and growing resentment. I think we can avoid that by always being honest, always talking everything through and always remembering to laugh and to have fun. We share a common thread in that we both believe life is too short to be taken too seriously and to not eat cake!

University of Washington engagement portraits university-of-washington-engagement-portraits-taryn-and-jake2648 university-of-washington-engagement-portraits-taryn-and-jake2647 university-of-washington-engagement-portraits-taryn-and-jake2646 University of Washington engagement portraits

Thanks for sharing your stories, Taryn and Jake! Can’t wait to see you again in August for your wedding at the Rainier Club!

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