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Why your photography matters to me

A Note From Jenn

Old family photos from Jenn Tai & Co - Seattle wedding photographers

When I was eight, I discovered my parents’ wedding albums.

I found photographs of my folks before they were my folks. I saw Stanley and Yong Yok. He, in a smart, trim suit and black-rimmed glasses, grinning our signature Tai gummy grin. She, in an elegant updo and stylish white shift. My mom was holding a glass of brandy, while my dad poured for his guests during traditional table to table toasts.

These photographs made my parents exciting to me. Suddenly they were  three-dimensional young people who knew how to have fun, not the sleep-deprived folks that inhabited my childhood. These photos made my mom elegant and happy, and my dad handsome and perhaps, even a little caddish. 

It was thrilling.

To this day I love to pull out these albums to visit my parents at the beginning of their journey almost five decades ago. I share them with my own daughters, and every time it reminds me of this…

Your wedding photos are not just for you.

As valuable as your wedding photos are to you, they are, and will be, invaluable to your loved ones. Your wedding photographs will be cherished by your children and grandchildren, friends and family, past, present and future.

Great wedding photography transcends the pretty. It captures the emotions, connections, and energy of the moment, so that just one look will bring your wedding day to life. Next week, next year, or for the next generation. Now that is thrilling. 

– Jenn

Meet the TEAM

At Jenn Tai & Co, our collective mission is to share a vision that is heartfelt and intentional, focusing on moments big and small, on family and most importantly, on a photographic experience that is fun and stress-free. We each have our unique approaches, but come together in a consistent style of storytelling.


The true wedding photojournalist: For couples who love a visual feast of moments, real and emotional. 

Raw, real, authentic.


The consummate portraitist: For couples who love all the details and romance of a wedding.

Thoughtful, tender, sentimental.


The best of both worlds: For couples who want a balance of moments and portraiture.

Heartfelt, candid, joyful.


Our videography partner from Peak Digital Cinema!

Calm, warm, genuine.

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Why Work With JT&Co?

Aside from our good looks, here are 8 important things to know about our values, our approach, and what you can expect during your experience working with Seattle wedding photographers Jenn Tai & Co.


Each of our photographers have over a decade of professional photography experience, and continue to run thriving photography studios of their own specializing in family, editorial, personal branding and commercial photography.


We are fun to work with and make your experience easy. Our extensive expertise and confidence in our craft will put you at ease on your wedding day and give you the best results. Worried about how you look in photos? No problem! We’ll work with you every step of the way and ensure that you enjoy the entire process.


Our collective are experts at shooting both indoor and outdoor weddings. Whether your wedding is remote at an exotic location or here in the Pacific Northwest, we have the tools and know-how to capture beautiful photos.


We are well-traveled and highly-experienced in documenting weddings of diverse cultures, body-types, geographies and climates. More importantly, we celebrate love in all its shapes and forms, welcoming couples and families from all walks of life.


Our in-house post-production ensures that whatever the approach our photographers take, our consistent, true-to-color style is maintained.


With a combined 40+ years of experience as Seattle wedding photographers, our team is well-respected throughout the wedding industry—among photographers, venues, videographers, coordinators, florists, etc. This rapport enables us to work closely with your vendor team to ensure your wedding day and your photos are executed flawlessly.


We consistently invest in both training and self-care, to ensure our artistry and mental health is of the utmost priority, always. This commitment to both professional and personal excellence is a cornerstone to our continued success as a studio, a small business and a community contributor.


JT& Co continues to support causes we care about and has done so since 2007. Every year, we donate a percentage of our income and time mainly towards public social services, public education, public programming and the environment. We regularly photograph charity and social non-profit events pro-bono, like the annual National Adoption Day. We gift our services in the way of auction items to local schools and education organizations, as well as supplies to classrooms in need across the nation and in impoverished countries worldwide. Some causes we regularly help with: local and national public radio and TV, environmental efforts such as, anti-human trafficking efforts locally and in Southeast Asia and humanitarian aid to war-torn countries. Most currently, we are contributing actively towards humanitarian efforts in the invasion of Ukraine.

What does it mean for our clients?

Sounds like we know what we’re doing, but what does working with our team of Seattle wedding photographers ultimately mean for you?


Having over four decades of combined experience means there are few situations we've not encountered. We're prepared for any eventuality (as this pandemic has surely tested the limits of this preparedness) and are able to call on our years and connections in the industry to help us manage the toughest of circumstances.


Professional photography isn't just being professional about photography. From what we wear to how we speak and conduct ourselves, we want to make sure we represent YOU as the hosts with the most. How we act is a direct reflection of who our clients are and we take that very seriously.


Being in front of our cameras means having to be vulnerable, trusting us to make sure you look your best. From fixing a crooked boutonniere to having your back in potentially tricky family situations, we are there. You never have to tell us to find that flattering angle - we have you covered!


Last but not least, we pride ourselves in timely, responsive service and communication. We may even be a little obsessive when it comes to making sure your questions are answered. Text, email, call, zoom - whatever concerns you may have, we are here for you.

Our Awards & Affiliations

Seattle Bride Member of the Year 2023.

Seattle Bride Best Photographers of the Year 2022.

Top 100 Photographers of 2019 at This is Reportage.

Seattle Bride Best Photo of the Year 2019.

2018-2019 Award winners at Wedding Photojournalists of America

Five Fearless Photographer awards 2014-2018.

Winners of Junebug’s Best of the Best Wedding Photos 2012

Proud members of WPJA, PPA, ISPWP and WIPA. Jenn is the Director of Diversity & Inclusion of our WIPA Seattle chapter!

Published in numerous print and online publications nationally, including The New York Times, Style Me Pretty, Junebug, Huffington Post, Seattle Bride, Seattle Met Bride & Groom and more.

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