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5 Expert Tips to Look Your Best for Wedding and Engagement Photos

As a seasoned wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing authentic moments that truly reflect the love between couples.

Here are my top five tips to help you look your best in your wedding and engagement photos:

Engage with Your Eyes: Focus on each other, not the camera. Tender looks and shared gazes convey admiration and love more effectively than forced smiles. Keep your eyes on your partner during every moment of your shoot to capture genuine connection and togetherness.

Seattle wedding photographer: Indian Weddings Ateqah and Ali

Embrace Touch and Intimacy: Let your physical connection shine through in your photos. From gentle hand-holding to subtle gestures, convey your love through intimate touches that speak volumes. Incorporate these moments throughout your session to showcase the depth of your relationship.


Seattle Wedding Photographer Allison and Matthew Wedding


Laugh Together: Genuine laughter is a powerful indicator of a strong bond. Don’t be afraid to let loose and share moments of joy and humor with your partner. Laughing together creates beautiful, candid shots that highlight your natural connection and happiness.


Seattle wedding photographer: Top Five Tips to Look Super Cute in your Wedding Photos

Playful Interactions: Infuse your photoshoot with playfulness and spontaneity. Experiment with silly faces, playful gestures, and inside jokes to evoke genuine smiles and laughter. Embrace the fun and lightheartedness of the moment to capture unforgettable images that reflect your unique personalities.

Seattle wedding photographer: Janina and Justin's Elopement at the Egyptian Theatre (1)

Seattle wedding photographer: Top Five Tips to Look Super Cute in your Wedding Photos

Connect on a Deeper Level: Focus on the feelings you share with your partner to create truly meaningful photographs. Get close, feel their presence, and embrace the intimacy of the moment. By celebrating your love openly and authentically, you’ll create images that resonate with emotion and sincerity.


Seattle wedding photographer: Top Five Tips to Look Super Cute in your Wedding Photos

In conclusion, the key to looking your best in wedding and engagement photos lies in embracing authenticity, intimacy, and genuine connection with your partner. By following these expert tips, you’ll capture timeless images that reflect the depth of your love and the joy of your relationship.

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