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Five Ideas for Engagement Photos

Nervous about PDA or being in front of a camera? Here are five ideas for your engagement session that’ll make you look AND feel great.

Teo and Tim engagement session at home

If there’s one consistent thing our couples say to us is that they are “awkward” or nervous to be in front of a camera. I’ve photographed the wedding of two professional models and even they are nervous baring a part of their very public lives they prefer to keep private.

Professional wedding and engagement photographers have our ideas for cute poses and have ways to make you relax. Here are five ideas to create an atmosphere of play and intimacy between two people for the camera:

Start at home!

Kara and Jeff at-home engagement session

Being comfortable when you begin the session can help you relax, so why not start at home? We don’t need a huge space for photos, just one room with good light even if it’s just a window. Give that room a quick declutter and you’re good to go.

Also, it’s more than just comfort. Having your engagement session begin at a home in which you may have first moved together offers an extra layer of meaning. One day, you may live elsewhere and your engagement photos now become a precious reminder of your first home together.

For sure one of our favorite engagement photo ideas 🙂

Make a meal together

Claire and Evi at-home engagement session

Food is a great distraction and making a quick meal together, whether it’s breakfast or sticking a pizza in the oven, provides an activity you can enjoy together. It works well as a useful icebreaker with your photographer too. If you imbibe, have some wine or champagne to liven things up! 

Our TOP FAVE activity as far as ideas for engagement photos, hands down!

Include your pet(s)!

Engagement session at home with dogs by Seattle wedding photographers Jenn Tai & Co

Another great distraction to diffuse awkwardness is to include your pet. If you’re bringing your beloved doggo, especially bigger and more active breeds, it’s best to have a friend come with. This is so you can have someone watch your fur baby for some photos while we get some photos without him/her. Do not ever leave your pet in your car especially in the summer!

Veronica and Fletcher's Mount Baker Engagement Session

Rent a cute Airbnb or camp out, make a day or weekend of it! Veronica and Fletcher camped out one night at Mt Baker in Washington, and I drove out to join them for a few hours. Check with your photographer as there may be added travel expenses.

Play a Game Together

Alexis and Chris at-home engagement session

Into board games or a good NYT crossword puzzle like Alexis and Chris? Get cute photos of the two of you doing something you love together! Another great distraction but more important, something that may be totally on brand with your personalities, as the kids call it nowadays. Not everyone can frolic in a field of wild flowers (allergies, y’all).

If you’ve booked us and your collection includes an engagement session, be sure to schedule it as soon as you’re able. We can’t wait to get cozy with you!


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