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Seattle wedding photographer JENN TAI

If you are into big laughs, ugly crying and dancing the HECK out of your wedding, I’m your gal!

Photo credit: Jonathan Canlas

I believe that wedding photography should be about people.

When I first began life as a Seattle wedding photographer, I thought about the photos I cared about making. What was my legacy? As a wife, a mother, someone’s child, someone’s friend – someone’s photographer?

What matters most?

Heartfelt, candid wedding photography.

The portrait of a wedding isn’t just the flowers, the kiss, the rings, the cake. It’s about seeing yourself for the first time in the mirror and then wanting to cry the minute your mom puts on your veil.

It’s about that grandma who got on a plane for the first time, crossing an ocean or two to see her favorite grandchild get married.

It’s about that unfamiliar yet wonderful new weight on your ring finger that you can’t help touching and turning.

It’s about your moments, big and small.

That was what I’d set out to do over a decade ago. 300+ weddings later as a Seattle wedding photographer, my vision has only sharpened, my focus honed, my superpowers still tingling.

If you are into big laughs, ugly crying and dancing the HECK out of your wedding, you’ve found your gal!

My studio serves our beautiful Pacific Northwest and beyond. Take me with you!

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Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry is one of the PNW’s favorite wedding photographers in Seattle. Established in 2007, we’ve photographed weddings around the state of Washington, the US and even in Southeast Asia. We are adept in shooting both outdoors and indoors, in all kinds of lighting. We shoot with mirrorless and DSLR systems, and upon request, medium format film.