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Seattle Wedding Photography & VIDEO Pricing


How Much Does Good Wedding Photo and Video Cost Today?

When it comes to the cost of wedding photography and video, seasoned Seattle wedding photographers and videographers charge anywhere from $8k to $15k, depending on factors such as experience, hours of coverage, number of photographers, deliverables and of course, style and quality.

Most studios offer Collections (we do). 

What’s included and what’s not? What do some of the terms mean? 

Let’s break it all down:

  • Coverage 
  • Post-production
  • Licensing of high-res digitals
  • Add-on services
  • Add-on tangibles
At Jenn Tai & Co, we start at $5,400 for six hours for Jenn, Brandon or Kelly. Our clients spend an average of $9-10k with us for a typical 8-hour wedding. If you live in Washington state, please account for sales tax (the rate depends on your home address). 

This info has been updated Apr 2024

FAQs about Wedding Photography Investment:

Wedding photo and video services are usually offered on a per hour basis, with a minimum hour requirement.


At JENN TAI & Co, our photography and videography services are priced according to the seasons (peak and off-peak):


  • May to October (peak): Photography is $900 per hour for all Principal Associates with a six-hour minimum | Videography is $700 per hour for all Principal Associates with a six-hour minimum.
  • November to April (off-peak): Photography is $800 per hour for all Principal Associates with a five-hour minimum | Videography is $600 per hour for all Principal Associates with a five-hour minimum.
  • Year round: Junior Associate second photographers are $200 per hour. There is a five-hour minimum. A second photographer's services has to be in tandem with the main/principal photographer (this means they cannot be hired on their own). 


Hours are to be used consecutively (which means you can't break them up to different parts of the day or multiple days).

This is the curating, editing and light retouching of your wedding images and video. We average about 50 finished images per hour of photography. 


For video, this means the curating and editing of footage shot during coverage into a 5-6 minute highlight reel of your wedding day, full videos of the ceremony, speeches and first dances.

Special retouching (removing/adding of people, extensive skin retouching) is not included as this usually takes quite some time, even with the latest AI tech to assist us.


We charge $25 per photo for anything more than the usual light retouching (color and exposure corrections, the odd zit removal in a posed portrait, exit signs removal and so on).

The license you're purchasing includes personal use of the final and finished high-resolution digital images and videos shared via our online gallery called Pic-time. These are in JPG format, with a minimum 4000px, long side, good enough to make large prints. We offer special resizing upon request for free, for prints larger than 30 inches long side. 


You may share these images and videos with friends and family. Personal use means usage is not for profit, to be enjoyed online and offline. You may also print these digital images using other print labs or stores outside of our online gallery store.

You may opt to add hours of coverage needed for other pre-ceremony events, such as engagement photos, rehearsal dinners or welcome parties. You may also be considering a second photographer, which is another add-on. 


Since these don't fall on the same day as the wedding, these are considered add-on coverages. Also quoted per hour. Ours are $900 per hour if booked with wedding-day coverage.

NEW! We are now offering content creation! These are behind-the-scenes phone quality videos for social media purposes. Ask us about this at our consult!

Seattle wedding albums and books

On offer are items like albums, books, prints and wall art, all of which are available at our online store once your galleries are ready for viewing 6-8 weeks after your wedding.


Two of our collections include albums. Please let us know if you'd like to add some of these items to your collections ahead of booking.


Your friends and family can have guest access to your gallery through which they can enjoy your wedding photos and avail themselves to shop for these mementos and more.

RAW files are normally not included in our standard licensing agreement. However, we offer a buyout option of $200 per RAW file with the signing of a non-attribution and non-disclosure addendum to our standard contract if this is what you require. Let us know if this is something you're considering. 

A full buyout of non-RAW wedding photos for privacy/publicity reasons is also available. Please let us know if this is what you wish. 

While photographers own the rights to their work, we have over the years received many requests where clients either prefer their faces and names not be used on social media or on our websites, along with that of the entire wedding vendor team's. Alternatively, they may have executed a full buyout of rights for a specific publication (please refer to our question about RAW files for this) which in effect removes our right to use these images for marketing.


We have three options available to our couples opting out of being in our marketing:

  1. Allow us to make a selection of photos you can pre-approve for use going forward (some work is needed on your part). No fee required;
  2. Allow us to use our discretion without a pre-selection, where we will respect your wishes of not using your names or faces on our social media (least amount of work for you). No fee required;
  3. Sign an non-usage agreement with us, which includes a 15% fee (against the total of the wedding collection booked) as a non-usage fee for your entire wedding gallery. This fee offsets any loss in marketing opportunities of the use of these photos. We will also let your vendor team know that they are now subject to this non-usage.


Paperwork is required for all three options. Let us know ahead of time if this is your wish.

What's the coverage breakdown of a typical wedding day?

Most weddings typically run an average of 8-9 hours, with cultural celebrations running all day up to 12-13 hours. A micro-wedding or elopement would be around 4-5 hours for fewer than 30 people.

Here is a general breakdown of how much time is needed for wedding photography:

  • 1-1.5 hrs Getting Ready Photos
  • 1 hr First Look with Portraits of the Happy Couple
  • 30 mins Group Formals: Family, wedding party group photos! Usually it’s immediate family, with extendeds happening after either after the ceremony or the during the reception
  • 30 mins Guest arrivals/decor photography
  • 30 mins Ceremony Coverage
  • 1 hr Cocktail Hour
  • 3-ish hrs Reception Coverage

* Always add 1-ish hr here and there for Transition Buffering

Here are some questions we get asked a lot about timelines:

This covers the happy couple, starting from the tail-end of hair/makeup, to getting into the dress/suit/tux, photos of friends and fam hanging out, a bit of set up. We love these prep photos because they set the tone for the day and start the story of your wedding day. These photos also make for great openers for your wedding album and slideshow.


We recommend at least an hour for getting ready photos, which is a great opportunity to get everyone warmed up to being photographed. Also a great way to create rapport between the photographer and the couple, establishing trust and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Photographers also use this time to photograph personal details such as the dress or suit, and some styling time is required. If this is important to you, make sure to let your photographer know.

Other than the opportunity for some memorable photos, the benefits of seeing each other before the ceremony means being able to get some alone time with your love, your family and wedding party before everyone arrives.


This is a tidier use of your wedding day timeline without sacrificing cocktail hour for photos, giving the most important people in your wedding (YOU!) the time to enjoy the festivities. By getting all your formal photos done ahead of time, you now are free to enjoy your day!

Yes! This is something for which we ask about a month before your big day. We can either build a combo list for you or you can do it yourself. This is essential to making sure nobody crucial is missed for photos. Assign a "wrangler" (someone who knows who everyone is in your shotlist) to help the photographer identify who's who.


Stuck on who to include? Let us know. We're happy to help!

Typically 20 minutes is advised, if you want to keep it brief but comfortable. Anything shorter means the photographer has limited time to make at least three "circuits" to get all the angles. If you have two photographers, this can be shortened but really, 20 minutes is the ideal length since this IS the highlight of your day!


Of course, you get to determine how long you want it to go if it's more than 20 minutes. Religious ceremonies such as Catholic masses or a Greek Orthodox ceremony, a Hindu wedding ceremony or a Vietnamese tea ceremony will typically last at least an hour.

While we make sure to take plenty of these, the importance of your wedding decor and details is really up to you. Lots of our couples like to get published or at least show their work (and the work of their wedding vendors!) off on social media to give our wonderful wedding team credit. Word of mouth is how we get future business, so we always appreciate making sure a good portfolio of images is on hand! 

The photography of wedding receptions include the food, decor, the grand entrance, speeches, formal dances, and special shows or games, cake-cutting and sometimes an end-of-night send-off. 


As mentioned, this can be about 3-4 hours long. 

Yes, we appreciate a hot meal for each of our team! While we usually bring snacks and beverages to keep us going the whole day, a good meal arranged ahead of time at dinner means we can get back to work asap. We usually eat at the same time as our couple/wedding party so we can be ready in time for the next event. Have a chat with your planner and/or caterers about this when discussing timelines!

While is is entirely up to you, it's important to know this also means extra coverage time since this is usually held at the end of the reception. In our experience, this means a 9-10 hour coverage instead of the usual 8. 

Nadira and Dhillon get a sparkler sendoff 3

Other Considerations

Destination and/or Multiple-Day Weddings: If you are planning a destination wedding, travel fees will apply depending on the number of hours/days needed. It is best to sit down with your photographer to determine how much coverage you actually need.

If your celebration requires multiple days of coverage (such as an Indian wedding), we recommend working with us to get a custom quote. 

Sales Tax: Last but not least, if you reside in Washington, there’s a sales tax. The rate changes periodically but hover around 10% in Greater Seattle, depending on where you live. If you live out of state, we are not obligated to collect.

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2. Secure your Date. Once you’ve decided we’re your photographers and/or videographers, we will send paperwork and an invoice for a date reservation fee for your date. All paperwork and payments are done online.

3. Schedule your engagement session. We will send you a Calendly to pick a good date and time, along with wardrobe suggestions and info on how to prep for your session. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

4. Planning. Throughout the weeks and months to your big day, your planner and I will work together to create a smooth, seamless timeline that fits your needs. About six weeks before, we send a questionnaire for any other concerns you may have, taking care of them even before your wedding arrives. Peace of mind, from start to finish.

5. Welcome to your Celebration! All you have to do is show up, take it all in and be celebrated. You are in good hands!

Experience and Peace of Mind

Ultimately, what you get when you work with Jenn Tai & Co is peace of mind, knowing you’ve hired skilled and experienced pros in the business. Our pros each have over 16 years shooting weddings. We know the industry, its processes, our vendor friends and the intricate details behind planning and documenting a celebration, whatever the size. Weddings are their own particular type of event, an important day heightened with emotion and, naturally, a little stress. With collectively over 500 weddings under our belts, there is no scenario for which we’re unprepared photographically and beyond. We are the calm and confidence you will trust and lean on when it comes to documenting all your moments, big and small. 

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