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Seattle Wedding Photography & VIDEO Pricing


How Much Does Good Wedding Photo and Video Cost Today?

When it comes to the cost of wedding photography and video, seasoned Seattle wedding photographers and videographers charge anywhere from $5k to $15k, depending on factors such as experience, hours of coverage, number of photographers and videographers, deliverables and of course, style and quality.

What’s included and what’s not? What do some of the terms mean? 

Let’s break it all down:

  • Coverage 
  • Post-production
  • Licensing of high-res digitals
  • Add-on services
  • Add-on tangibles

At Jenn Tai & Co, we start at $5,400 for six hours for Jenn, Brandon or Kelly. Our clients spend an average of $9-10k with us for a typical 8-hour wedding. If you live in Washington state, please account for sales tax (the rate depends on your home address). 

This info has been updated Apr 2024

What's the coverage breakdown of a typical wedding day?

Most weddings typically run an average of 8-9 hours, with cultural celebrations running all day up to 12-13 hours. A micro-wedding or elopement would be around 4-5 hours for fewer than 30 people.

Here is a general breakdown of how much time is needed for wedding photography:

  • 1-1.5 hrs Getting Ready Photos
  • 1 hr First Look with Portraits of the Happy Couple
  • 30 mins Group Formals: Family, wedding party group photos! Usually it’s immediate family, with extendeds happening after either after the ceremony or the during the reception
  • 30 mins Guest arrivals/decor photography
  • 30 mins Ceremony Coverage
  • 1 hr Cocktail Hour
  • 3-ish hrs Reception Coverage

* Always add 1-ish hr here and there for Transition Buffering

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Photo and Video

How many photos will we receive after the wedding?

We average 80-100 curated, edited and finished high-res JPG images per hour, so you can expect about 600-800 images for an average eight hour wedding.

The standard deliverables for video for a 6-8 hour wedding are:

  • a 6-8 min highlight reel
  • full footage videos of your ceremony, speeches and formal dances.

We are extremely grateful in Seattle to have a very close-knit community of wedding photographers. While we cannot guarantee that misfortune will never happen, we have three associates as our first line of assistance. If our associates are fully booked, we will reach out to our colleagues as Jenn is also the admin of two local groups of experienced wedding photographers totaling over 1,500 pros. We will always make sure our substitutes are of equal if not higher quality.

Our contracted delivery is 6-8 weeks post wedding for photos, if not earlier :). Video is about 5 months.

Yes we do! We include them in our collections but you can also hire us independently for that. We are $900 for an hour within Seattle or the Eastside.

We do light editing and curating such as color and exposure for every photo according to our true-to-color style. We also offer up to 20 images of more “intense” retouching (face swapping, removal of objects, flaws, group photo adjustments and so on) for free. Anything more is $50 per image.

At the one month pre-wedding check-in, we have a questionnaire where you can make sure important family and friends are included in more formal photos. We don’t require specific “moment” shotlists (e.g. bride putting on shoes) as those are included standard. However, if there are more “out of the ordinary” shots or items of significant importance (e.g. flash mobs, surprise events, special keepsakes, heirlooms), we are happy to take requests.

RAWs and rights buyouts are available at $250 per image, and come with a non-disclosure agreement. Please let us know at our consult that this is a possibility and we can chat more.

Absolutely. We have language in place where we are allowed to use any photos where your faces and/or names are not visible/disclosed on social media, if you so wish. Let us know when you book.

For sure! We do play with a couple of film rolls every wedding but if you want a good portion of it shot on medium format and 35mm film, we charge $100 per roll of film. We will require a minimum of ten rolls. This includes the cost of film, development and scanning. We deliver all frames per roll whether or not they turn out excepting technical errors.



Other Considerations

Destination and/or Multiple-Day Weddings: If you are planning a destination wedding, travel fees will apply depending on the number of hours/days needed. It is best to sit down with your photographer to determine how much coverage you actually need.

If your celebration requires multiple days of coverage (such as an Indian wedding), we recommend working with us to get a custom quote. 

Sales Tax: Last but not least, if you reside in Washington, there’s a sales tax. The rate changes periodically but hover around 10% in Greater Seattle, depending on where you live. If you live out of state, we are not obligated to collect.

Ready to chat?

1Schedule a Consult. No obligation, simply get the info you need. Jenn has been doing this over 16 years and a lot to share. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions that pique your curiosity.

2. Secure your Date. Once you’ve decided we’re your photographers and/or videographers, we will send paperwork and an invoice for a date reservation fee for your date. All paperwork and payments are done online.

3. Schedule your engagement session. We will send you a Calendly to pick a good date and time, along with wardrobe suggestions and info on how to prep for your session. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

4. Planning. Throughout the weeks and months to your big day, your planner and I will work together to create a smooth, seamless timeline that fits your needs. About six weeks before, we send a questionnaire for any other concerns you may have, taking care of them even before your wedding arrives. Peace of mind, from start to finish.

5. Welcome to your Celebration! All you have to do is show up, take it all in and be celebrated. You are in good hands!

Experience and Peace of Mind

Ultimately, what you get when you work with Jenn Tai & Co is peace of mind, knowing you’ve hired skilled and experienced pros in the business. Our pros each have over 16 years shooting weddings. We know the industry, its processes, our vendor friends and the intricate details behind planning and documenting a celebration, whatever the size. Weddings are their own particular type of event, an important day heightened with emotion and, naturally, a little stress. With collectively over 500 weddings under our belts, there is no scenario for which we’re unprepared photographically and beyond. We are the calm and confidence you will trust and lean on when it comes to documenting all your moments, big and small. 


July 7th 2024: I recently wrote an article called Why is Wedding Photography SO Expensive? If you are feeling sticker shocked right now, I hope this will help explain some of the reasons – which may not be immediately obvious. Thank you for considering us for your wedding photography needs! 

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