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Prepping for your Engagement Session

Engagement Session Tips with JENN TAI & Co Seattle wedding photographers

I’ve often said that an engagement session can oftentimes be more nerve-wracking than your wedding. Whether you’re wanting it to be in the city, by the water or right at home, here are some essential engagement session tips to help you make the most of your photoshoot:

1. Choose the Right Location

Selecting a meaningful location can add a personal touch to your photos. Our favorite? Your own home! It’s meaningful and if you ever move away, you have some photos of your memories there together.

Consider places that are significant to your relationship, such as where you first met, your favorite park, or a spot that reflects your shared interests. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, many Seattle wedding photographers recommend iconic locations like Pike Place Market, Discovery Park, or the Seattle waterfront. We have an article just for that right here! We have many ideas so let us know what your ideal setting is and we’ll send you a list.


Coordinating outfits without being too matchy-matchy can create a harmonious look in your photos. Opt for complementary colors and patterns. Consider the setting and season when choosing your attire. Bring a couple of outfit options to add variety to your photos. Don’t forget to accessorize, as details like jewelry, scarves, and hats can add an extra flair to your look. 

Pro tips: Try and schedule your beauty trial for the morning of, and plan something for after, like a date night. We can even include a few photos from there where we can part on a fun note!

Here’s our Pinterest board for wardrobe, in case you’re still stuck.


Your engagement session should capture the essence of your relationship, so it’s important to be yourselves. I find that planning an activity such as making a simple meal together, or teaching each other how to make a favorite cocktail/mocktail, or taking a short hike – these are simply ways to put you in your happy place to relax and be present. Once there, your natural interactions will create genuine and heartfelt photos. 

4. LIGHTing is everything

Lighting plays a crucial role in photography. Schedule your session during the golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise or before sunset, to achieve soft, flattering light. Just google “sunset time”, your location and the date (e.g. sunset time at Discovery Park on June 15th 2025!). Next, time your session 1.5 hours before, and voila! 

If you’re shooting indoors, ensure there’s plenty of natural light or that your photographer is creative with lighting. Discuss the timing with your photographer to make the most of the available light. Many Seattle wedding photographers have favorite times of day and spots in the city for perfect lighting.

5. Communicate with Your Photographer

This sounds like a no-brainer but it may surprise you how often this needs to be said. Establishing a good rapport with your photographer can make a significant difference, and to do that, you will have to share your ideas, preferences, and any concerns you might have. If you have specific poses or styles you like, let them know. A professional photographer will guide you and help you feel at ease, resulting in beautiful and memorable photos. 

Have more engagement session tips? Let us know your favorite!

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