The JTPA Team : Best Seattle Wedding Photographers

The JTPA Team

Photographer and Owner: Jennifer Tai

Seattle Wedding Photographer: Jenn Tai Before making the leap towards owning her own photography business, JT was a trade and technology journalist in Southeast Asia. Other than photography, JT loves Star Trek, true crime and dogs. She also loves to dance.

Jenn lives in an idyllic hillside town deep in the ‘burbs of Seattle with her husband, two teens and the cutest Havanese in the world.






Principal Photographer: Brandon Patoc

Associate Photographer for Jenn Tai: Brandon Patoc

Before starting life as a wedding photographer in 2007, Brandon was a budding musician. Today, he travels the world documenting the Seattle Symphony, the San Francisco Ballet and non-profit organizations serving disenfranchised communities.

Brandon enjoys cooking, wine, working on his farm and planning his next road trip.