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A Persian-American Wedding at the Lotte Hotel Seattle’s The Sanctuary

I’ve been wanting to blog Soraya and Michael’s wedding at Lotte Hotel’s the Sanctuary Seattle since I delivered their images last spring!

How they met

Soraya and Michael met a few times over the years, including the first time when Soraya attended a Seafair party that Michael threw back in 2012, but the stars didn’t officially align until November of 2014. 

“We both attended a Casino Night themed birthday party for a group of mutual friends,” remembers Michael.

“Soraya got dragged out by her friend, as she wasn’t feeling well.  For some reason, something clicked that night, I was very forward and kept talking to Soraya for the entire time she was there.  And then, before I realized it, she went home. Like Cinderella, she left the ball early to get home before midnight.  I was not slick enough to get her phone number that night, so after some mild Facebook stalking the next day, we set up our first date for the following weekend!”

That next weekend, the date went amazingly well.  The conversation flowed. Soraya laughed at Michael’s corny jokes and smart-ass comments (his words!).  What was only set up for drinks turned into her friend, Erin, meeting up with them, and then they met up with Michael’s brother and some friends.  The group spent the entire evening out together.

“It couldn’t have been a better first date.  I sent a goodnight text, telling her I had an amazing time,” said Michael.

A few days went by. It was busy season at work for Michael’s family business.  Unknowingly, Soraya was getting upset that she hasn’t heard from Michael since Sunday.  At the persuasion of her friend Marina, she had an out-of-body experience, and decided to text Michael.

“I took that as a sign and ran with it!”

“We’ve pretty much been inseparable since those early days.  There were many more firsts since then – first kiss, first home together, first dog together (we now have 2 Berners in our growing family- Murphy and Marlow!). Next up is first house and a family!”

On to our favorite images of the day (and how we made them for the photo geeks reading this).

If anything, what did you wish you did differently?

Overall, our wedding at the Sanctuary Seattle was everything we planned it to be. Im happy we held out for a venue we really loved as well as the date we wanted. If we could change anything, I wish we took a step back and lived in the moment. There are so many people to talk to, so many emotions, and we were getting pulled at every direction, that just being present was pretty difficult!

Thank you so very much to our FRIEND-ORS (vendor friends!). Without you, this would’ve just been an empty room with nothing to photograph. Thank you!

Soraya and Michael’s Dream Team for their Wedding at the Sanctuary Seattle

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