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Wedding Photography Planning Guide

We could talk about photography all day long (and we often do). It’s one of the most important parts of your wedding planning process, and we want you to feel confident about it. Good photos come from good planning, we always say, so we’ve put together these resources in a wedding planning guide. From how much wedding photography costs, to hiring a photographer, to making the most of your engagement shoot, we’re happy to share our knowledge with you!

Wedding planning can be stressful because here in Seattle, we are spoiled for choice to create a celebration of our dreams. Location wise, the Pacific Northwest is where lush landscapes, urban chic, and coastal charm converge to create the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. As you embark on this exciting journey, allow us to be your guide through the myriad of possibilities that await in this vibrant city – at least when it comes to photography!

While nothing can replace the expertise and personalized attention of a professional wedding planner, we hope ourlist of articles serves as a valuable resource and companion throughout your planning process. 

We are so grateful you’ve decided to spend some time here, no doubt in your quest to find the perfect photographer. We know YOU know this task can be overwhelming. Beyond technical proficiency, a skilled photographer possesses an artistic eye, adept at capturing emotions and nuances that define your love story. We hope our portfolio reflects not just images, but narratives woven with authenticity and emotion. 

And if you’ve chosen your photographer, let’s dive into some of the key planning aspects of looking and feeling your best for wedding photography. We strive to make sure the end results are not just beautiful but that the experience of being in front of our cameras, is one to remember for a long time.