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A Guide to Planning and Perfecting Your Wedding Photography

Seattle wedding photographers JENN TAI & CO: Bride and bridesmaids at Seattle's bathroom getting ready at The Great Hall at Union Station

Planning your wedding photography is pivotal for capturing the essence of your big day. It’s not merely a matter of showing up and taking photos. Good planning is the bedrock of exceptional photos.

I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to guide you through the process:

What is Candid or Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary wedding photography, also known as wedding photojournalism, focuses on candid, unscripted moments. It preserves the authenticity of each moment, akin to the techniques employed by seasoned photojournalists. This approach yields poignant and meaningful photos.

How does this differ from regular wedding photography?

Unlike regular wedding photography, which encompasses various photography styles, documentary wedding photography captures the entire spectrum of emotions and events in an unobtrusive manner. From intimate portraits to pivotal moments, every aspect is meticulously documented with an artistic touch.

Planning your Seattle wedding photography needs

How many hours do I need?

The essence of documentary wedding photography lies in allowing moments to unfold naturally. Typically, around eight hours of coverage suffices for most weddings. However, the duration may vary based on factors like the size of the wedding, number of venues, and types of events.

Here’s a rough breakdown of hours you need for a typical wedding:

1 hr Getting Ready
1 hr First Look and B&G Portraits
30 mins Group Formals
30 mins Ceremony
1 hr Cocktails
3 hrs Reception
1 hr Transition Time between events

What should my wedding photography budget be?

I’ve written a page of info on this under my Investments tab. Have a look. All part of planning your wedding photography!

Do I need a second photographer?

The necessity of a second photographer depends on logistical factors such as the size of the guest list, venue restrictions, and transitions between events. A consultation can help determine if a second photographer is beneficial for your specific needs.

Seattle wedding albums and books

What deliverables should I expect?

Seattle wedding photographers typically offer coverage hours, high-resolution JPG files, and tangible products like albums or prints. These timeless mementos ensure your memories are cherished for generations to come. After your wedding, these items are available for purchase via our online gallery through which you can take your time to shop and browse.

Do I need to know anything about the camera gear a wedding photographer uses?

While enthusiasts may enjoy discussing gear, it’s not critical information for everyone. Rest assured, professional photographers come prepared with top-notch equipment to capture every moment flawlessly.

Is insurance important?

Absolutely. Ensuring your photographer is properly insured for gear and liability is essential. It provides peace of mind knowing that unforeseen circumstances are accounted for.

About those high-res digital images: Do we own them?

While you receive a license for personal use, the copyright remains with the photographer. This ensures your images are safeguarded while allowing you to share and enjoy them within reasonable bounds.

Should we share a shot list with our photographer?

Seattle wedding photographer: A Jewish wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club

While a shot list for group formals is recommended, trust in the photographer’s vision is paramount for capturing the essence of your day. Special requests are accommodated with care to ensure your needs are met.

If you have any concerns regarding planning your wedding photography that aren’t addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your special day deserves nothing less than exceptional photography planning.

Do you have a concern on planning your wedding photography that’s not answered here? Contact us!

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